Whole Home Humidification Solutions

Increase Comfort, Save Money!

When the air is too dry, moisture is drawn from your skin through evaporation. Since evaporation cools the surface of your skin, you feel cold and uncomfortable when the air does not contain enough moisture. And, dry air also draws moisture from plants, wood, fabrics, and even pets. The results of dry air over time are detrimental to health and cause damage to all interior finishes. By maintaining relative humidity at 40%, evaporation from skin is greatly reduced, causing people and pets to feel warmer, and eliminating evaporation from wood and other interior finishes, causing them to last longer.

By increasing humidity to 40%, you can reduce your thermostat to 68 degrees and still feel warm. Humidifall customers experience an average savings of 6% on their energy bills simply by reducing their thermostat settings. And compared to steam-based humidifiers, you achieve even further energy savings.

Humidifall’s water wall solutions generate 216% more humidity than steam-based systems per kilowatt of electricity, making them perfect for energy conscience applications where aesthetics are also important. With a range of sizes, Humidifall has standard, quick delivery solutions to achieve 40% relative humidity for optimal indoor environments of any size.

Because of the patented design, large evaporative surface area, and proprietary controls, Humidifall systems are even more efficient at larger sizes. Whereas steam-based systems cannot increase their efficiency beyond approximately three pounds of water per kW of energy, Humidifall’s produce 10 lbs of moisture per kW of electricity or more depending on the size you choose. Humidifall water walls are the most energy efficient way to increase indoor humidity.