Residential Solutions

With a range of exciting design options, Humidifalls are a beautiful and energy-efficient solution to humidity production for residences of any size in any climate. With 3 times the energy efficiency of steam-based systems, homeowners who are concerned about the evironment are choosing Humidifall to save energy, reduce waste water, and create optimal indoor humidity to improve health, eliminate static, and protect fine interiors.

Because Humidifalls are self cleaning, and do not accumulate organic matter or hard-water scale like steam systems, their operation and maintenance cost is extremely low, averaging about $400 per year. Maintenance can be performed by a home owner with just a screwdriver, or local mechanical contractors who service heating and air-conditioning equipment. In either case, Humidifall systems will operate trouble-free, improving your environment for life.


  • Humidifies Any Size Residence to 40% Humidity
  • Automatic Controls & Humidistat Simplifies Operation
  • Purifies the Air, Destroys Bacteria with UV Light
  • Self-Cleans, Eliminates Most Maintenance
  • Sensors Control Auto-Fill and Prevent Leaks
  • Adjustable Sound and Digital Control Display
  • Integrated Recessed Accent Lighting
  • Replaceable Panels for Any Decor