Indoor WaterWalls

Humidifalls are waterfall humidifier appliances that have a range of standard sizes and exciting design options, making them both beautiful and functional. Humidifalls are the most energy-efficient solution to producing optimal humidity in any climate around the world. Because they are a natural negative ion source, they purify the air too, improving your environment for life.

Humidifall Indoor WaterWalls are available in two standard models, an In-Wall System, which fits in any interior 2×4 stud wall, and Transparent Systems, which are “see-through” units perfect for connecting and defining spaces with the beauty of moving water.

Custom Systems are available to suit your design project and, like all Humidifall Systems, use our patented Humidity Engine™ small-footprint remote reservior to condition, heat, and sterilize the water which returns to the waterfall.