In-Home Waterfalls | Promote Serenity and Overall Health

In-Home Waterfalls

Promote Serenity and Overall Health


Do you have a desire for a serene and peaceful environment? Does the sound of water provide a level of serenity to you? You can achieve this while also clearing the air of many particles that bother the masses. Owners report greatly improved indoor air quality, and that they dust their homes much less frequently because dust, dander, smoke, and other pollutants are removed from the air. Since the Humidity Engine™ continuously sterilizes the return water, it also kills any pathogens, antigens, allergens, and spores, that are captured. The water that falls down the water panel and evaporates into the air is always clean. When required, the Humidity Engine™ replaces the water in the system to flush the captured particles down the drain permanently.

Why choose a Humidifall?

  • The only integrated WaterWall humidification system on the market (U.S. Patent #6024292)
  • Replaceable WaterWall panels that accommodate and interior decor
  • Removable frame design makes it easy to change the look of an existing Humidifall
  • Self-cleaning design using water sterilization to kill viruses, germs, mold and bacteria eliminating the need for costly maintenance and expensive water treatment chemicals
  • Fully adjustable humidistat, which makes it a fully functioning humidifier
  • Numerous built-in safety systems that can automatically shut off the system if any problem occurs

Just look at everything you get with a Humidifall. We offer more features than the competition, we offered it first, and we offer it at NO EXTRA CHARGE. All these great features are standard with each and every Humidifall WaterWall we sell.

WaterWall Comparison / Features

  • Humidifies Any Size Residence to 40% Humidity
  • Automatic Controls & Humidistat Simplifies Operation
  • Purifies the Air, Destroys Bacteria with UV Light
  • Self-Cleans, Eliminates Most Maintenance
  • Sensors Control Auto-Fill and Prevent Leaks
  • Integrated Recessed Accent Lighting
  • Replaceable Panels for Any Decor