How It Works


A Humidifall is an appliance that produces optimal humidity to protect interior materials, finishes, and furnishings and to enhance human comfort, and improve indoor air quality. People that suffer from allergies notice a dramatic improvement in their quality of life resulting from optimal humidity and cleaner indoor air.

Humidifalls use warm flowing water in a “closed-loop” recirculation design that minimizes water usage and creates optimal humidity conditions in any residential or commercial building. A sophisticated sensing and automatic control system makes Humidifalls virtually maintenance free. Higher indoor humidity also translates into lower energy costs because moist air “feels” warmer to humans because it reduces evaporation from the skin.

To control evaporation and achieve optimal humidity levels, Humidifalls heat the moving water just enough to properly condition interiors for strategic preservation, cost avoidance, and human comfort.

Warm water in a Humidifall is heated efficiently for evaporation and the return water is sterilized while in circulation making sure “clean evaporation” occurs and to prevent the formation of algae, fungi, or molds. And, because moving water is a negative ion source, all sorts of airborne pathogens, allergens, spores, dander, and dust are captured by the Humidifall and destroyed in the UV sterilizer built-in to each system. Captured contaminants are flushed to the drain in an automatic self-cleaning cycle, further ensuring a steady supply of clean evaporative water to properly condition the interior environment.

The recirculating water is replaced gradually each day automatically by the control system. Other than water used to increase interior humidity, Humidifalls use less water than one toilet flush per day to keep themselves and the air clean. Because of the unique design, patented technology, and automatic controls, Humidifalls are self-cleaning and require no chemicals.