Humidification Solutions


WaterWalls for Improving Indoor Air Quality

With a Humidifall, custom home builders and energy conscience homeowners can save energy, reduce waste water, and create optimal indoor humidity to improve health. Humidifalls also eliminate static and protect fine interiors by achieving optimal indoor humidity using warm sterilized flowing water. With a range of exciting design options, Humidifalls are a both a beautiful and energy-efficient solution to humidity production for any modern residence.

Humidifalls have higher energy efficiency than steam-based humidification systems, and homeowners who are concerned about operating costs and about the environment choose Humidifalls to save money. Compared to steam systems, Humidifalls will save money over their entire period of operation. Find out more by contacting us now.

Routine maintenance can be performed by a home owner with just a screwdriver. Or any local mechanical contractor who services heating and air-conditioning equipment can replace the water filter and UV sterilizer bulb components on their normal service cycle. Humidifall systems will operate trouble-free, Improving your Environment for Life (SM).

Key Features

  • Humidifies Any Size Residence to Optimal Humidity Levels (30%-40%)
  • Operates Automatically 24/7 Using Built-in Humidistat
  • Rinses Automatically to Keep System Clean
  • Includes a Range of Decorative Lighting Options (In-Wall Systems Only)
  • Destroys Bacteria, Pathogens, Antigens Using Strong UV Light
  • Allows Water Panel Replacement if Your Decor Changes


Architectural WaterWalls for Commercial Buildings

Humidifall indoor WaterWalls are a perfect solution for HVAC engineers, architects, and interior designers, who want to create optimal humidity, conserve energy, and / or simply create a low-maintenance aesthetically pleasing WaterWall that adds ambience and uniqueness to any interior.

Humidifall commercial units will humidify (or optionally dehumidify) commercial spaces to optimal relative humidity even with high air exchange ratios when they are sized correctly. For instance, in electronic laboratories, Humidifalls eliminate electro-static discharge, protecting valuable electronics from damage and increasing product quality. Hospitals and other health care facilities use Humidifalls to reduce airborne contaminants and increase human comfort. In restaurant and wine preservation applications, or in special facility designs, Humidifalls can create up to 70% relative humidity.

Please do not specify a steam-based, compressed air, or fog-based commercial system without contacting us first.


Protecting Investments in Fine Wine

Protecting an investment in fine wine is easy with a Humidifall in your cellar or wine room. Low humidity can damage fine wines by causing seepage or ullage since a dry air environment causes wine to “wick-out” through and around the cork and into the capsule, causing corrosion and eventually allowing air to reach the wine.

By storing wine in a properly conditioned cellar or room, with high humidity of 65-70%, the wine will not be “drawn out” by dry air and will not seep around or through the cork. With a humidifying water feature from Humidifall, your wine will be kept at the optimum humidity level, adding years to its storage life and protecting your bottles from seepage, ullage, and capsule corrosion.


Solving Allergy Problems and Improving Health

Healthier Environment
Humidifall WaterWalls were designed to be the first indoor WaterWall feature to play an active role in creating optimal indoor air quality. A Humidifall works in two ways to create a healthier indoor environment. It automatically monitors and maintains your home’s humidity level, creating the optimal level of humidity, while it constantly works to purify the air. According to industry experts, whole-house humidifiers and air cleaners / purifiers are the key to improving indoor air quality. Humidifall combines these two appliances into one beautiful WaterWall.

Studies have shown that keeping your indoor air at the optimal humidity level can lower the effects of contaminants in the air. With a Humidifall automatically keeping your home and office at these levels, you can reduce the effects of bacteria and viruses, reduce the frequency of respiratory infections, and help allergy and asthma sufferers live more normally.

Just look at the benefits of putting a Humidifall in your home or office.