Q. How does the Humidifall humidify?

A. When the built-in sensor on the control panel detects that the indoor air is too dry, it activates a heating element that warms the water in the Humidity Engine™. The warm water creates evaporation from the In-Wall or Transparent panel. Evaporation is the cleanest, safest kind of humidity because particles of all types remain in the water and don’t go into the air (like they do in ultrasonic and steam humidifiers).

Q. How does a Humidifall clean itself?

A. Each Humidifall contains an extensive automatic cleaning system, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals for cleaning or water treatment. The system solves all of the common problems common in other water features, such as mineral deposits, algae, mold, germs, and viruses like Legionaire’s disease. Using a special filter, an advanced ultraviolet sterilization sub-system, and daily fresh water exchange (which uses less that a single toilet flush), maintenance is normally required only once per year. Because owners (or HVAC contractors) simply replace a filter and a UV lamp, Humidifalls have an average annual service and parts cost of less than $400. It is simple enough to do yourself.

Q. How does the Humidifall clean the air?

A. Water is a negative ion source (water is negatively charged) and anything floating in the air has positive charge. Much like a magnet, the negatively charged water attracts particles of all types that are floating in the air. Owners report greatly improved indoor air quality, and that they dust their homes much less frequently because dust, dander, smoke, and other pollutants are removed from the air. Since the Humidity Engine™ continuously sterilizes the return water, it also kills any pathogens, antigens, allergens, and spores, that are captured. The water that falls down the water panel and evaporates into the air is always clean. When required, the Humidity Engine™ replaces the water in the system to flush the captured particles down the drain permanently.

Q. Do you make custom WaterWall?

A. Yes, we can customize any indoor WaterWall to meet your requirements. Please contact us to get started on your own custom design.

Q. How quiet is the pump?

A. The gentle sound of flowing water shouldn’t have to compete with the hum of an electrical pump. That’s why Humidifall uses only the highest-quality pumps to ensure dependable, whisper-quiet operation. Each is backed by a three-year warranty.

Q. Do I need to have any special water treatments?

A. No, unlike other manufactured waterfalls, there is no need to add an expensive Reverse Osmosis system, distilled water, soft water treatment system or other expensive add-in chemicals.

Q. Do I have to worry about splashing water?

A. No, that’s never a problem. Humidifall indoor WaterWalls feature a splash-free design that directs and contains the water flow.

Q. How long will a Humidifall last; what is the warranty?

A. Each WaterWall is expertly constructed of high-quality stainless steel components to ensure decades of use in the building or home in which it is installed. Each system is backed by a limited one-year warranty, and a three-year free-replacement part warranty on circulation pumps.

Q. How do l get one installed?

A. In addition to Humidifall’s network of certified installers, General Contractors, Architects, Designers, and Homeowners can use any HVAC contractor to install a Humidifall. Because the instructions, installation DVD, and telephone support are simple and effective for everyone, handy project-oriented homeowners often do it themselves. Please contact us to discuss your specific installation and an approach that meets your needs.