Custom WaterWall Solutions

In addition to our standard In-Wall and Transparent water walls, Humidifall designs and installs custom water features that humidify and/or dehumidify. Our custom portfolio includes complex multi-wall designs, zero-splash cable features, and creative designs for your new or retrofit building or design project. Consulting is a key feature of our design capability.

Our in-house architect, engineering, and design staff have successfully completed hundreds of projects and are experienced in construction drawing production, LEED certified design practices, and trade-craft contracting. We ship and install anywhere in the world and our project management and installation crews have an unblemished safety record. Since all of our designs incorporate Humidifall’s low-maintenance self-cleaning Humidity Engine™ reservoir, support for any custom solution is simple and on-site training is quick and efficient for operations personnel.

And, because all Humidifall custom solutions generate 200% more humidity than steam-based systems per kilowatt of electricity, they are perfect for energy conscience applications. Our custom solutions regulate indoor environments to create optimal 40% relative humidity. Humidifall custom solutions are the superior choice for indoor water feature in facilities of any size.

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