F or over a decade, Humidifall has been the industry leader in the design and delivery of water wall humidification control systems to improve indoor air quality and human comfort. Founded in 1998 by brothers Jim and Russ Wilson, the Missouri-based company has established itself as the technology innovator in humidification control for home, business, and industrial applications.

Humidifall has created a new product category: high efficiency water appliances that use the benefits of moving and conditioned water to optimize indoor humidity conditions, maintaining a constant 40% relative humidity for improved human comfort and health, cleaner indoor air, and strategic preservation of materials.

Today, with private equity partner Topwater Capital, LLC and other private investors, Humidifall is bringing its line of water wall appliances to a variety of market verticals, including residential custom home building, health and wellness, commercial building operations, electronic manufacturing and assembly, and a large number of related HVAC markets.

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