Commercial Water Walls

Humidifall commercial indoor water walls are a perfect solution for HVAC engineers, architects, and interior designers, who want to create optimal humidity, conserve energy, and create an aesthetically pleasing water feature that adds ambience and uniqueness to any interior.

Humidifall units will humidify commercial spaces to 40% relative humidity even with high air exchange ratios. In electronic laboratories, Humidifalls eliminate electro-static discharge, protecting valuable electronics from damage and increasing product quality. Hospitals and other health care facilities use multiple Humidifalls to reduce airborne contaminants, and increase comfort. In restaurant and wine preservation applications with special facility designs, Humidifalls can create up to 70% relative humidity.

All Humidifall commercial water wall humidification systems save facilities energy, clean the air, and minimize water use as compared to steam-based, cold water, compressed air, and fog-based systems.