Allergy Solutions

Healthier Environment

Humidifall WaterWalls were designed to be the first indoor waterfall feature to play an active role in creating optimal indoor air quality. A Humidifall works in two ways to create a healthier indoor environment. It automatically monitors and maintains your home’s humidity level, creating the optimal level of humidity, while it constantly works to purify the air. According to industry experts, whole-house humidifiers and air cleaners / purifiers are the key to improving healthier indoor air quality. Humidifall combines these two appliances into one beautiful WaterWall.

Personal Health

Studies have shown that keeping your indoor air at the optimal humidity level can reduce the effects of contaminants in the air. With a Humidifall automatically keeping your home and office at these levels, you can lower the effects of bacteria and viruses, reduce the amount of respiratory infections, and help allergy and asthma sufferers.

Just look at the benefits of putting a Humidifall in your home or office.

Indoor humidity and effects on bacteria, viruses, seasonal allergen, and asthma.