• Control the humidity in your home with Humidfall WaterWall for your humidification needs.

WaterWalls That Fit Inside Standard 2×4 Walls

Humidifall In-Wall WaterWall Systems come in five standard sizes and will properly maintain optimal relative humidity in your home, business, or commercial application. Using flowing water that is warmed and sterilized, Humidifalls create clean evaporative humidity to improve indoor air quality. Humidifall In-Wall Systems can be integrated into any décor using a variety of stone, mirror, or art glass water panels. And, since In-Wall Systems are installed in a standard interior wall, they can be framed with any material for a perfect built-in look. Find out more about how Humidifall In-Wall Systems can reduce your energy cost and also provide a beautiful experience in your home or business. Custom In-Wall sizes as tall as 28 feet are available.

WaterWall for Restaurant
WaterWall for Lobby
Artistic Glass WaterWall
WaterWall Reception Area
WaterWall Conference Room
WaterWall in Waiting Room

Dramatic Transparent WaterWalls for Artful Elegance

Humidifall Transparent WaterWall Systems present water on either one or two sides of a clear or translucent glass panel and come in five standard sizes. Like our In-Wall Systems, by using flowing water that is warmed and sterilized, Humidifall Transparent WaterWalls create clean evaporative humidity to improve indoor air quality. Transparent WaterWalls can be installed in any 2”x6” interior wall and make great room dividers for residential or commercial applications. Custom Transparent sizes as long (wide) as 30 feet and as tall as 24 feet are available. Learn more about Humidifall Transparent WaterWalls by calling us now.

Custom WaterWall Foyer
Reception Area Custom Water Wall
Stainless Steel Water Wall
Frosted Glass Water Wall
Custom Water Wall Corporate Logo

Custom WaterWall Solutions in Virtually Any Size


If our standard sizes are not right for your application, you’ll be glad to know that Humidifall has completed hundreds of custom WaterWall designs and installations. Our custom portfolio includes tall, long, stacked-panel and complex linear and offset multi-wall designs. Please contact us for quick and competitive analysis and price for your new or existing building or design project.