Humidifies Dry Interiors »

Humidifalls are the most energy efficient way to Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in buildings of any size.   Energy conscience home owners, commercial operators, LEED professionals, and medical professionals, are choosing Humidifall to produce more warm moist humidity, per kilowatt of electricity, than any other humidifier technology.

Removes Airborne Contaminents »

Humidifall's perfect flow of conditioned water is a natural source of negative ions, which continuously cleans the air by capturing airborne particles including allergens, pathogens, mold, pollen, dust, smoke and pollutants of all types. Live bacteria, viruses, and spores are destroyed by UV sterilization which is included in every Humidifall system.

Self-Cleaning / Low Maintenance »

This beautiful appliance features an entirely automatic self-monitoring control system, which keeps maintenance and replacement part costs low. It is the only humidifier in the industry that can achieve ideal humidity levels with completely chemical-free operation and the smallest reservoir footprint.

See How it Works »

Our patented technology makes other humidifiers obsolete. Humidifalls use heated water in an automatic, self-cleaning, closed-loop circulation system, maximizing the delivery of moisture to indoor environments and making them perfect for dry, arid, and mountain climates, or wherever humidity control is desired.

Create Your Humidifall Online »

Everyone can select and visualize the wide range of aesthetic options for In-Wall or Transparent Humidifall water walls using this simple innovavative configuration tool.  Try the selections below to the left, choosing your series, size, water panel, and frame options.  Then send it to us for a quick quotation.  Be sure to include any special notes or questions for a personal reply!

humidifall green initiative Healthy buildings help maintain human health. And allergists, ENT doctors, and even the EPA recommend maintaining indoor relative humidity at 40% to minimize health problems associated with dry air. Humidifall water walls create 40% humidity and clean the air with beautiful results for the body, mind and spirit. Preserve fine woodwork, fabrics, and finishes, eliminate static discharge, and enjoy improved indoor air quality with 40% humidity even in the driest climates.

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